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Will H.

I was very impressed with the relaxed professionalism of Aaron's class, both in the classroom and on the range - I am not new to handguns but learned a lot; the information was well presented and comprehensive - highly recommended for new or experienced people seeking to expand their knowledge!


Harold H.

So I took a defense class in prep for my CCW. 2 Days of instruction that was supposed to be a group, the rest of the group didn't show so it turned out to be a private class.

Wow, I had a great time! Aaron is a very relaxed yet very knowledgable instructor. I found I could do things with a pistol quite well, after a day. On Sunday I had some more instruction in the morning and tests in the afternoon.

I highly recommend Aaron and his staff to help you with your technique and your proficiency with your weapon of choice.



Your Carbine class was ABSOLUTELY the BEST class I have ever attended.  The class curriculum you designed was 24 hours of range time, not classroom time like your competitors.  I was impressed that you anticipated and were prepared to keep your students shooting through numerous equipment failures (optics, slings, gas blocks etc.).  You preformed a chronograph for each shooters weapon and ammunition, using the data to print out ballistic charts for each shooter to determine drop and “full value” for wind.

Third and final day I anticipated an immense challenge nailing 200, 300 and 400-yard targets.  Thanks to your instruction and ballistics card’s hitting targets at those distances was relatively easy.  The targets you provided were AWESOME.  I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to be more proficient with their AR.

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